Shop Policies and Notices (In-shop Purchases)

Policies, disclosures and all the small print


  • Service prices subject to change at any time.
  • Bicycles must be dropped off in store and entered into the repair queue in order to be repaired. Appointments are not available.
  • Safety check and repair estimate available free in store. Repair estimate not available over phone or without the bicycle available in store.
  • Bicycles not picked up within 7 days of repair completion and notification will incur storage charges at rate of $5/day.
  • Bicycles left more than 30 days after repair completion will be disposed of without further notice.
  • Labor rates do not include cost of parts.


You may return a new bicycle purchased from Celestial Cycles for shop credit within the seven days of purchase. Bike must be in like new condition.

No refund on all sale or special order bikes.


You may return a new pair of skates purchased from Celestial Cycles within seven days of purchase. Skates must be in new condition. Skates that show signs of wear on the wheels may not be returned.

No refunds on all sale or special order skates.


Any item* may be returned for a full refund within 15 days with the original purchase receipt.**

All items must be new/unworn condition with original packing and tags intact/attached.

*We reserve the right to make a full or partial refund based on the condition of the bicycle, equipment, part or accessory. For safety reasons helmets may not be returned.

**Except sale or clearance items


Full payment is required for all special orders under $100
A 50% down payment is required for all special orders over $100
Special orders can be returned within 15 days of purchase.
A 20% return fee will be applied to all special order returns.


Our website is intended to help you. We make every effort to maintain current, accurate prices in our online catalog. And we strive for similar accuracy and timeliness with the other information we offer here. However, inventory or pricing errors may occur, and we reserve the right to decline or cancel any orders where mistakes or discrepancies in price or stock status exist regardless of the source of the error. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience such mistakes may create. Please bring any errors you find to our attention on your next visit or by calling the shop 405-751-8809.


We pride ourselves on offering the best possible service on every bike and component we work on. There are two instances where the work we do can sometimes fail due to circumstances beyond our control. Our service department has glued hundreds of tubular tires and we stand behind our work, but it should be noted in certain circumstances tubular tires can come off a rim, even when glued properly. Tubular tires are glued to a rim and if not taken care of properly and checked often the glue can become unreliable and the tire could separate from the rim. We guarantee tubular tires glued on by us will be safe and ready to ride once picked up from the store. However, we cannot guarantee the glue will hold forever. Even if the tire has only been glued on for one day and you leave the wheel in an extremely hot car for several hours, the glue could soften and fail under heavy loads such as high speed cornering.


Rolling a tubular off a rim is never a good thing, but there are a few things you can do to reduce your chances of rolling a tubular in an important race. This won’t guarantee you will never roll a tubular off your rim, but a little preventative maintenance can go a long way.

  • Always inspect tire and glue before riding. Gently try to roll the tire back away from the rim to inspect the glue at the rim/tire interface. If popping and cracking is heard, it is an indication the bond is old or there was inadequate glue in the bond. We recommend doing this inspection several days before an important ride or race because if you do need to have your tire repaired or re-glued, this will give our mechanics the proper amount of time to repair it properly.
  • Never store your wheels and tubular tires in extreme temperatures or in direct sunlight. Extreme cold can make the glue brittle, while extreme heat can make the glue soft, which can both lead to glue failure and ultimately a rolled tire.
  • Store wheels and tires with just enough pressure to give the tire some body.
  • Only use mild dish soap to clean wheels and tires.


Celestial Cycles does not guarantee tubeless tires and non-UST tires set up with tubeless systems will not flat, and hold consistent tire pressure.

Tubeless (UST) tire systems enable you to run lower air pressures without fearing pinch flats and lower air pressures, down to a certain point, provide better traction. Manufacturers claim tubeless tires are prone to fewer flats, are lighter than conventional tubed-tires, but neither claim is entirely true. You might not get pinch flats, but puncture flats due to holes, rips and sidewall tears can still occur.

Conventional (non-UST) tires typically do not feature the robust, reinforced sidewalls that you’ll find on UST tire because conventional (non-UST) cross-country mountain bike tires generally aren’t meant to be ridden under 40 PSI. The lighter sidewalls on non-UST racing tires are also more prone to sidewall tears.

Tubeless (UST) tires can be difficult to install. You’re not supposed to use tire levers when installing UST tires, as the levers can deform the tire bead and prevent the tire from sealing properly. Thus, you need to rub the very stiff beads with soapy water and lots of elbow grease. Not all tires are the same, even two of the exact brand and model may or may not go on easily, and may or may not hold air consistently.

If you would like for us to inspect your wheel/tire please come by the shop.