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From the track to the park to that sweet jump Celestial Cycles is your one-stop-shop for BMX Bikes in Oklahoma City. We are proud to be the official Bike Shop of Yukon BMX Raceway and will gladly accept your Saver Stamps.

At Celestial Cycles we stock Eastern, DK, VERDE, and Redline Bicycles. If you are dreaming of something different we can also provide bicycles from Speedco, Mebo, Pure, Chase, Division, We The People, Fly, Stolen, and Colony.

We are a direct dealer for BOX Components, Shimano, and Tangent.

Types of BMX Bikes

The term BMX is often used generically but there are actually several different options based on your riding style.

Freestyle BMX Bikes

These styles of bike are often geared up with 20-inch wheels and a 20-22 inch lengthy high tube. They rarely come with brakes, and if they do, they’re mainly straight cable brakes. Grips come without flanges, considering they run the risk of being in the best way when detailed tricks are being performed. Some riders pick to purchase a readymade bike, whilst others decide on changing the bike themselves.

Flatland BMX

As the name implies, spinning and balancing tricks are commonly performed on flat, smooth terrain like asphalt and concrete. Reinforced, shorter wheelbase frames are common among flatland BMX riders who quite often stand on their bikes when performing stunts.

Street BMX

This style is riding a BMX bike through and on manmade obstacles. They include poles, handrails, steps, ledges, curved walls and architectural oddities.

Vert BMX

This is a form quite mainly noticeable on television, where riders use two 1/2-pipes set apart to perform tips. Probably the most biggest ramps used can also be good over 20-ft high. Given that of the character of the 1/2-pipes, riders can use gravity and speed to gain top and perform some incredibly complex tricks.

Park BMX

Skateparks are not just for the scooters, inlines, and skateboarders. Riders of Park BMX also skateparks, with the choice of merging and modifying styles depending on the makeup of the park itself. These parks can be made of either wood or concrete.

Trail BMX

This style is practiced on a line of jumps made from very compact dirt, which are very similar to the trails used by motocross riders. Four to eight jumps are placed in a row and the trail biker builds a routine, usually in a flowing manner, from one jump to the next.

Race and Dirt Jump BMX Bikes

There is no greater thrill for many BMX bikers than watching or participating in off-road BMX racing. This sport, heavily inspired by motocross, is one of the most energetic and risky forms of bicycling in the world. Not only do riders need to ensure that they are safe, they also need to avoid other riders racing along the track.

Race bikes are very light BMX bikes with certain distinct facets. Due to the fact that the BMX race bike is made to head as quick as possible, it typically comes with a padded seat for added relief, padded bars to look after the rider in case of an accident, and a super sturdy, lengthy frame for protection and stability. Tires are customarily double or triple walled for extra strength.

DK Bikes

DK Bicycles

It all started in 1979 with a BMX rider and his father. Bill Danishek, a youth from Dayton, Ohio kept breaking his stems, so his dad Charlie who at the time was a toolmaker, went to work machining him a better stem that could handle the abuse of BMX riding. Soon other riders would see it and want their own. Riders demanded it, and shortly after DK “dad and kids” was born.

Since those early days DK has always had a great love and passion for all things BMX. From designing innovative and excellent quality products to supporting the team dk family of riders.Today, we still make better and stronger stems but we’ve also grown to offer an awesome line of complete bicycles, frames, parts, and accessories. We strive for innovation, quality, and attention to detail.

Redline Bikes

Redline Bicycles

Redline bicycles is dedicated to riding in the dirt. We got our start in 1974 by reinventing the BMX race fork when we released the first tubular chromoly design to the market.

From that beginning, Redline bikes quickly became the must-have BMX bike for racers and freestyle riders alike. Today, Redline bikes are used by the best BMX riders around – including Sam Willoughby – Olympic Medalist and world champion; Alise Post – national champion; and Brandon Dosch – X Games Medalist.The bottom line is we love riding in the dirt and that passion is found in the bikes and accessories we build.

Ride the winning line, Redline bicycles.

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